“...exactly captures the Post Comic-Con Apocalypse we were looking for.”
           - Jaimee Kosanke / MTV Executive Producer


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Spike TV wanted a set for their “All Access Comic-Con” special, that needed to showcase the look and feel of post Comic Con, as well as offer a hint of San Diego’s famous Victorian era Gaslamp district.

AND, it had to fit into a small meeting space at the Marriott hotel, which was next door to the Convention Center.

I used a lot of comic book colors, because I thought it would be a nice contrast with the background image of the broken Gaslamp sign - a smoldering ruin of Geeks Gone Wild.  It’s a scaled down version of the real one, but made out of styrofoam, with twitching, half broken lights - a grim reminder of the last holdouts of hope for next years' Con.  It intrudes into the room in a way that suggests something wild happened, like a winning team that tears down the goal post.

The coffee table is an old pinball machine - minus the vertical score section, and the side tables are made from bundles of comic books.

Scattered among the ruins are shards of broken glass, comic books, dvd's, toys, and bags of collectible free stuff, just to make it interesting.

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What, you don’t have a Bat Phone in your man cave?  That’s too bad.

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